Mind-Matter Prize


    At its general assembly 2016, the Society for Mind-Matter Research decided to institute a best-paper award for articles published in its journal "Mind and Matter" in order to recognize excellence in scholarship, and to increase the visibility of the Society and its range of activities.

    The prize is awarded biennially. Any member of the Society can nominate one paper published in the relevant two-year period under consideration. Excluded are self-nominations of own papers or nominations of papers authored by current members of the Board of the Society. Otherwise, any paper published in "Mind and Matter" is eligible for the award.

    Nominations should be backed up by criteria such as originality, significance, soundness, and relevance for the understanding of mind-matter relations. They should be submitted to the board member in charge, currently Prof. William Seager (Toronto).

    The winning article will be selected by a committee formed by members of the board and possibly up to one external assessor. The award committee is not obliged to appoint the award if no nominated paper is judged worthy.

    The winner of the award will present the paper (or work related to it) at a suitable conference or workshop to be proposed by the Society. Financial aid will be provided to this end.

    Award Winner 2017: Thomas Metzinger
    Award Winner 2019: currently under selection