Volume 11, Issue 1, 2013



PDF pp. 3-6 Editorial
Harald Atmanspacher
PDF pp. 7-20 Conversation with Hermann Haken
Wolfgang Tschacher and Claudia Bergomi
Abstract pp. 21-44 Information, Universality and Consciousness: A Relational Perspective
Paul Baird
Abstract pp. 45-60
A Hilbert-Space Framework for the Genesis of Conscious Mental States
Hans van den Hooff
Abstract pp. 61-82 Mental Causation or Continuous Novelty
Jason Brown
Abstract pp. 83-100
Financial Time Operator and the Complexity of Time
Karl Gustafson and Ioannis Antoniou
Abstract pp. 101-126 Time and Aging: A Physicist's Look at Gerontology
Jos Uffink
PDF pp. 127-129
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