Volume 14, Issue 2, 2016



PDF pp. 107-110 Editorial
Harald Atmanspacher
pp. 111-118 Three Gaps Rather Than One
An Interview with Alexander Borbély
Robert Prentner
Abstract pp. 119-154 Mr. Market's Mind: A Collective Consciousness
Patrick Schotanus
pp. 155-166 Vanity Fairs: Competition in the Service of Self-Esteem
Georg Franck
Abstract pp. 167-202 Second Generation Cognitive Science Promises True Heideggerian Artifical Intelligence
Paul G. Joseph and Haim Levkowitz
Abstract pp. 203-228 How I (Freely) Raised My Arm: Downward, Structural, Substance Causation
Michele Paolini Paoletti
PDF pp. 229-231 About Authors


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