Volume 15, Issue 1, 2017



PDF pp. 3-5 Editorial
Lana Kühle and Scott Jordan
Abstract pp. 7-28 Could Consciousness Be an Illusion?
William Seager
Abstract pp. 29-48 Modeling Consciousness Using Cognitive Maps
Jeffrey Yoshimi
pp. 49-70 Consciousness Is (Probably) Still Only in the Brain, Even Though Cognition Is Not
Luis Favela
Abstract PDF pp. 71-90 The Role of Valence in Intentionality
David L. Anderson
Abstract pp. 91-110 The Subjectivity of Experiential Consciousness: It's Real and It's Bodily
Lana Kühle
Abstract pp. 111-130 Contextual Emergence in Decompositional Dual-Aspect Monism
Harald Atmanspacher
Abstract pp. 131-146 Wild Presence
J. Scott Jordan and Georg Franck
pp. 147-150 Book Review: Reflections on Mind and the Image of Reality
Talis Bachmann
PDF pp. 151-154 About Authors


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