Volume 15, Issue 2, 2017



PDF pp. 157-160 Editorial
Harald Atmanspacher
Abstract pp. 161-184 Functorial Semantics for the Advancement of the Science of Cognition
Venkata Rayudu Posina, Dhanjoo N. Ghista, and Sisir Roy
Abstract pp. 185-196 Building Systems Capable of Consciousness
Pavel Kraikivski
pp. 197-220 The Intrinsic Activity of the Brain
and Its Relation to Levels and Disorders of Consciousness
Michele Farisco, Steven Laureys, and Katinka Evers
Abstract pp. 221-244 Sport: The Interaction between Mind, Brain and Body
Jay Schulkin
Abstract pp. 245-300 Nothwithstanding Bohr, the Reasons for QBism
Christopher A. Fuchs
pp. 301-304 Members Workshop at Zen Center Johanneshof: Personal Reminiscences
Tobias Widdra
PDF pp. 305 About Authors


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