Volume 19, Issue 2, 2021



PDF pp. 135-136 Guest Editorial
J. Scott Jordan and James A. Dixon
Abstract pp. 137-166 Wild Futures: Anticipating Artificial Anticipatory Consciousness
J. Scott Jordan
Abstract pp. 167-188 Anticipation and Dissipative Structures
James A. Dixon, Benjamin De Bari, Dilip Kondepudi, Bruce A. Kay
pp. 189-208 Anticipatory Consciousness: Multiscale Control and Volition
Devpriya Kumar and Narayanan Srinivasan
Abstract pp. 209-260 Paradigm Shifts in Neuroscience Linked to Decision-Making:
Back to the Future with Thomas Aquinas
Armand Savioz
pp. 229-260 On the Possibility of Plant Consciousness: A View from Ecointeractivism
P. Adrian Frazier
PDF pp. 261-263 About Authors


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