Volume 1, Issue 1, 2003



pp. 3-7
Harald Atmanspacher
pp. 9-13
Professor Ilya Prigogine: a Personal and Scientific Remembrance
Karl Gustafson
Chaotic Neuron Dynamics, Synchronization, and Feature Binding: Quantum Aspects
F. Tito Arecchi
pp. 45-57
Does Consciousness Collapse the Wave-Packet?
Dick J. Bierman
pp. 59-79
Quantum Noise, Entanglement and Chaos in the Quantum Field Theory of Mind/Brain States
Eliano Pessa and Giuseppe Vitiello
pp. 81-119
Time-Entanglement between Mind and Matter
Hans Primas
Sense Perception in Current Process Thought: a Workshop Report
Michel Weber and Anderson Weekes
pp. 129-131
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