Volume 20, Issue 1, 2022



PDF pp. 3-4 Greetings from the Publisher
Keith Sutherland and Graham Horswell
PDF pp. 5-16 Editorial
Harald Atmanspacher and Robert Prentner
Abstract pp. 17-34 Panpsychism and Energy Conservation
William Seager
Abstract pp. 35-62 Towards a Phenomenological Constitution of Quantum Mechanics:
A QBist Approach
Laura de la Tremblaye and Michel Bitbol
pp. 63-86 Desiderata for a Viable Account of Psychophysical Correlations
Harald Atmanspacher and Robert Prentner
Abstract pp. 87-99 What Laplace’s Demon Doesn’t Know
Dean Rickles
Abstract pp. 101-119 Time Mindfulness: Aristotle’s Time in Modern Perspective
Ioannis Antoniou and Theodoros Christidis
Abstract pp. 121-142 The World Is One, and the Human Is Two:
Tentative Conclusions of a Working Historian of Religions
Jeffrey Kripal
Abstract pp. 143-158 From LSD to LSD – A Personal Trajectory
Alexander Borbély
Abstract PDF pp. 159-166 How Chinese Medicine Expands Our Understanding of Consciousness
Meijuan Lu, Sheng Yi, and Jerome Busemeyer
PDF pp. 267-271 About Authors


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