Volume 21, Issue 1, 2023



PDF pp. 3-7 Editorial
Harald Atmanspacher and Robert Prentner
Abstract pp. 9-44 Shamanic Shape-Shifting and Second-Order Isomorphism
Timothy Hubbard
Abstract pp. 45-63 Are Near-Death Experiences Induced Deficit Correlations in Embodiment?
Renaud Evrard
Abstract PDF pp. 65-87 Non-Ordinary Powers: Charisma, Special Affordances, and the Study of Religion
Ann Taves
pp. 89-126 Are Qualia Computations or Substances?
Mostyn Jones and Erik LaRock
pp. 127-136 Book Review: Whose Disenchantment?
Leslie Stein
pp. 137-141 Book Review: Contextual Emergence
Carolyn Jennings
PDF pp. 143-145 About Authors


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