Volume 2, Issue 2, 2004



pp. 3-7
Harald Atmanspacher
pp. 9-27
Conceptual Spaces as a Framework
for Knowledge Representations
Peter Gärdenfors
pp. 29-51
Incompatible Implementations of Physical Symbol Systems
Peter beim Graben
pp. 53-66
Quantum Theory and the Division of the World
Rudolf Haag
pp. 67-89
The Partitioned Quantum Universe:
Entanglement and the Emergence of Functionality
Günter Mahler
pp. 91-103
Bohr's Complementarity and Goldstein's Holism
in Reflective Pragmatism
Klaus M. Meyer-Abich
pp. 105-125
Weak Quantum Theory and the Emergence of Time
Hartmann Römer
pp. 127-129
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