Volume 4, Issue 1, 2006



PDF p. 3-5 Editorial
Harald Atmanspacher
Abstract pp. 7-43 Consciousness and Existence as a Process
Riccardo Manzotti
pp. 45-68 (Proto-)Consciousness as a Contextually Emergent Property of Self-Sustaining Systems
J. Scott Jordan and Marcello Ghin
Abstract pp. 69-89 Complementarity of Process and Substance
Hartmann Römer
Abstract pp. 91-113 Pitfalls in Biological Computing: Idiosyncratic Dysfunction of Conscious Machines
Rodrick Wallace
pp. 115-119 Brentano's Immanent Realism and Beyond (Book Review)
Riccardo Manzotti
pp. 121-125 Process and Quantum (Book Review)
Thomas Filk
PDF pp. 127-128
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