Volume 7, Issue 1, 2009



PDF pp. 3-7 Editorial
Harald Atmanspacher
Abstract pp. 9-36 Plato's Cave Revisited: Science at the Interface
Günther Mahler and George Ellis
Abstract pp. 37-57 The Self in Logical-Mathematical Platonism
Ulrich Blau
Abstract PDF pp. 59-80
Quantum Physics and Consciousness: The Quest for a Common Conceptual Foundation
Thomas Filk and Albrecht von Müller
Abstract pp. 81-90 Intentionality and Computationalism: A Diagonal Argument
Laureano Luna Cabanero and Christopher G.Small
pp. 91-110
Contemporary Views on Compatibilism and Incompatibilism: Dennett and Kane
Robert C. Bishop
Abstract pp. 111-129 Contemporary Physics and Free Will: An Application of Quantum Existentialism
Nicolas F. Lori
PDF pp. 131-133 About Authors


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